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presto v1.0.0-r0



presto(php) ==> my little bash wrapper => zodiac(awk) ==> static files


What does it do

zodiac is a leightweight static website compiler found on the interwebs. These here parts were compiled by it, schout out to its author.

presto sits on top and lets you edit them files on your servers. Upon edit it emits a call to zodiac to build the new page, which it periodically and totally does.

$#> zod site www

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How it works

It just lets you write your files and signals zod to do a new build the next instance it is run.

You can have extra files converted, just pushed through, normally hosted, you name it.

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Privacy / Personal Use

You do not have to worry too much about html since it got a markdown parser built in.

If this dows not float your boat, you can bring your own and configure zod to use that.

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What you have to do

Just bring php > v5 and you are good to go.

If you want to be the sole author of your website’s content, make sure you protect the presto directory somehow.

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